Day -29 : Midway : Coverack to Helford

25.03.2022: What shall I say? The weather is still or again very nice. This can’t be Britain! It is said that the weather is very unstable here and it is always raining – at least somewhere in Britain. But I do not complain. I am quite pleased with the situation. I think I had one day of rain so far. I hope to be lucky for the second half as well.

What? Second half? Yes, today I passed the Midway Marker which displays 315 miles or 517 kilometers. I can’t believe that I am walking on the path since over a month now and have finished half the way. Congratulations to myself … and my feet!

The Coverack to Helford section was a bit long in the end. First there was a diversion again, so I had to go inland for a while. But then it was the right timing to cross a river barefoot as it was low tide and it could have saved me 4-5 km. Well, I did not. I went in the water and saw lots of mussels etc. So I made a quick risk analysis, created a spreadsheet and valued the risks of getting injured on my feet and went out of the water again. Here he is again. The sissy!

So, I had to walk around that bay and it really felt quite long to walk that bit. Especially as knowing that I would need to cicyle about 10-12 km from Helford to get back to my van in Coverack.

I produced my second VLOG which you can see further down.

Below are some pictures of the coastline. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video.  

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