Day -13 : 222km : Paignton to Teignmouth

08.03.2022: It is Tuesday (2sDay) again. I am on walking on the SWCP sind 2 weeks now and I have accomplished 222 distance km. At least that is what is said when using the distance calculator on

The distance from Paignton (pier) to Poole Harbour – South Haven Point is 137.8 miles [221.7km]

But my actual kilometers on the path must be currently almost 300, as I had to walk some sections in both directions and I had to park my van somewhere not really close to the path. But that does not really count. It is the 222/1030 km or 138/630 miles and that is bit more than 20%. We had Pareti yesterday. With 20% of time you can yield 80% result. Well, unfortunately this rule does not apply on the cost path. Unfortunately? No, I like the effort and challenge on the path. Not quite fit for tomorrow but I hope to have a regenerative night and my body battery is back to at least 80%.

Today it is also a good 2sDay to launch the possibility to spend some money for my three chosen organizations. I have decided to use the justgiving platform to gather money till middle of next year. I will put the three links in each video description on youtube and we will see how this develops.

Today’s weather I would define as ROUGH. Especially if you look at the sea! Have a look inside my Summary Relive Video and the Timewarp video and you will understand what I mean! Or just have a look in the video below. It did not rain in from the normal direction…

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  1. Hi Stefan, hab deinen Weg bis dato verfolgt und freue mich das es dir gefällt und gut geh. Lass es dir weiter gut gehen. Schönen Gruß Artur

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