Day 0 : Change of view : Swanage to Poole

#22022022 22.02.2022: Weather still gusty but a bit of sunshine and no rain. Today I finished the last miles on the South West Coast Path. But it was also my first day of walking on the path. Actually, it was the 2s-Day on a Tuesday and I started at 2:22pm GMT on 22.2.22 (as planned) with my bicycle from the endpoint and went down to Swanage. I chained my bike to a fence at the Swanage Pier and started to walk back to my van.

Change of view in multiple respects. Firstly it is a real change of view to walk along the coastline instead of the woods and forests in my homebase „Sauerland“. Secondly it is a change of view or perspective to start at the end and not at the (what is meant to be) the starting point. But this is due to challenges in logistics and I did not work out a better way. So I start with commuting (however, by bike, bus, foot or uber) section by section reverse to walk forward on the path. This seems a bit weird and yes, it is weird. Depending on what will be the best choice for each day I will decide how to beam myself to the preceding section.

But what else is a change of view? I was disappointed! On the path I did not find ANY garbage which I could have collected. Actually I did not search for any litter in Swanage and I will not seek in any other town or village. But I want to contribute organizations like SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) as a personal change. Hence I decided to take litter from the path and put it in the garbage bin after each section of the path. So, I did not find any waste which I could have collected on the path. At first I was really sad but suddenly (after a while) I realized how good it actually is. The last part of that final section leads across the beach. And here it came again, my big challenge to fill my bin bag full of plastic and rubber. Well, it was not really full but quite a lot for the first day on the path. And the weight was a bit more than 1 kg. Happy to have done a good thing on my first day on the SWCP… more to come

Have a look into my Relive video of the hike and in the below timewarp videos, to see what I saw…

If you like the way Relive creates personal videos and are not using the app yet, then please use my link to sign up and I get eventually a month for free. This is my referral link. Thank you.

Final Part from Old Harry Rocks to Studland Bay / Poole
Swanage Pier to Old Harry Rocks