Day -39 : Exporting figures and results : Porthcothan to Newquay

18.04.22: it was raining during the night before but was dry and even sunny when I started the walk from Porthcothan to Newquay – together with my daughter.

These fancy gadgets like GPS watches and smartphones allows to track every meter you move. Wether forward, backward, up or down and even calculate the calories you burned. Amazing and interesting, if one is a number oriented person (which I seem to be).

After exporting the Garmin walking and cycling routes I just needed to add a summarize cell below the results and my spreadsheet app clearly displayed the results which I proudly publish here now.

During the 53 days of SWCP hiking I walked 1085 km (678 miles) and went 38 km UP and 39km down. Well, I am not sure if the figures are correct but that is what my Garmin watch tracked and when I take into account that it is said that doing the SWCP is about 4 times up and down the Mount Everest (8849m) – these figures could really be true. And my knees feel a little like these altitude numbers as well. So, I believe the numbers are true!

Additionally I had to cycle 197 km (123 miles) with my little friend the foldable 20” bike. I had to cycle (well sometimes I had to walk and push the bike) 4 km up and 4 km down the hills of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset when no public transport was available or did not fit in my planned schedule. In Somerset I was able to use public transport for the two sections.

I did not count steps, sheep, cows, gates, lighthouses or anything else. But one thing I started to weight the first days was the waste of plastic bottles, cans etc. I found while walking on the path. Well, I have to confess I stopped weighting the litter – I just collected and disposed appropriate. The positive message is that there was far less waste on the SWCP than I expected. I could clearly see more waste around bigger villages and towns and beaches than on SWCP sections in less rural areas. At the end I may have only collected about three of my big yellow bags full of waste. And this is fantastic news. Less pollution on the path than I expected!!!

DayDateStretchkmup (m)down (m)Bikingkmup (m)down (m)
Day 022.02.22 Swanage to Poole12,22172185Purbeck Biking10,39173119
Day -123.02.22 Worth Matravers to Swanage13,48424542Purbeck Biking8,09191112
Day -224.02.22 Kimmeridge Bay to Worth Matravers16,98955959Walked back to Van   
Day -325.02.22 Arish Mell to Kimmeridge Bay14,28655677Walked back to Van   
Day -426.02.22 Ringstead to Arish Mell24,2411931198Walked back to Van   
Day -527.02.22 Weymouth to Ringstead14,6518561Walked back to Van   
Day -601.03.22 Portland Loop17,7437480Walked back to Van   
Day -702.03.22 Burton Bradstock to Weymouth24,12355380Public Transport   
Day -803.03.22 Lyme Regis to Burton Bradstock22,49921998Public Transport   
Day -904.03.22 Seaton to Lyme Regis11,76465412Public Transport   
Day -1005.03.22 Sidmouth to Seaton18787812Public Transport   
Day -1106.03.22 Exmouth to Sidmouth22,1625637Public Transport   
Day -1207.03.22 Teignmouth to Starcross13,96304289Public Transport   
Day -1308.03.22 Paington to Teignmouth25,7710841113Public Transport   
Day -1409.03.22 Kingswear to Paington25,721341297Public Transport   
Day -1510.03.22 Torcross to Dartmouth17,94619508South Hams Biking13,23213342
Day -1612.03.22 East Portlemouth to Torcross21,48785891South Hams Biking12,65296226
Day -1713.03.22 Bantham to Salcombe19,6688619South Hams Biking11,65271340
Day -1814.03.22 River Erme Ferry Point to Bigbury-on-Sea16,3734736Public Transport   
Day -1915.03.22 Noss Mayo to Mothecombe15,87453423South Hams Biking7,94133141
Day -2016.03.22 Plymouth to Wembury Ferry27,18553550South Hams Biking13,52258278
Day -2117.03.22 Wiggle Cliff to Cremyll12,2309396Cornwall Biking6,95240148
Day -2218.03.22 Seaton to Wiggle Cliff23,41818731Public Transport   
Day -2319.03.22 Polperro to Seaton15,83680712Public Transport   
Day -2420.03.22 Polruan to Polperro13,03687715Cornwall Biking12,57230296
Day -2521.03.22 Mevagissey to Fowey29,9712341291Public Transport   
Day -2622.03.22 Portloe to Mevagissey21,08948920Cornwall Biking15,34248292
Day -2723.03.22 St. Anthony to Portloe19,33645632Cornwall Biking16,16374344
Day -2824.03.22 Helford Passage to Falmouth17,57462462Public Transport   
Day -2925.03.22 Coverack to Helford21,99663675Cornwall Biking9,44234226
Day -3026.03.22 Mullion to Coverack34,4814771446Public Transport   
Day -3127.03.22 Porthleven to Mullion9,24311322Public Transport   
Day -3228.03.22 St. Michael’s Mount to Porthleven21,07619611Public Transport   
Day -3329.03.22 Porthcurno to Penzance18,21610637Public Transport   
Day -3430.03.22 Pendeen to Porthcurno23,83845922Public Transport   
Day -3531.03.22 St. Ives to Pendeen26,8913831346Public Transport   
Day -3601.04.22 Hell’s Mouth to St. Ives21,44614601Private Transport   
Day -3702.04.22 Perranporth to Hell’s Mouth27,73879833Private Transport   
Day -3821.04.22 Newquay to Perranporth24,04582591Private Transport   
Day -3918.04.22 Porthcothan to Newquay15,9494475Private Transport   
Day -4017.04.22 Padstow to Porthcothan22,01525519Private Transport   
Day -4103.04.22 Port Isaac to Rock21,74874859Cornwall Biking10,29196183
Day -4204.04.22 Boscastle to Port Isaac21,3680690Public Transport   
Day -4305.04.22 Bude to Boscastle28,515381522Public Transport   
Day -4406.04.22 Hartland Quay to Bude25,5317221823Public Transport   
Day -4507.04.22 Bucks Cross to Hartland Quay23,3111011229Torridge Biking3,588258
Day -4608.04.22 Instow to Bucks Cross22,08837653Torridge Biking11,1  
Day -4709.04.22 Saunton to Instow3292110Public Transport   
Day -4810.04.22 Ilfracombe to Saunton25,95969926North Devon Biking6,41540
Day -4911.04.22 Combe Martin to Ilfracombe10,18475461North Devon Biking6,88190212
Day -5012.04.22 Lynmouth to Combe Martin21,76948998North Devon Biking20,64644638
Day -5113.04.22 Porlock to Lynmouth24,17917935Public Transport   
Day -5214.04.22 Minehead to Porlock13,87366324Public Transport   
   1.085 km38.165 m39.634 m 197 km3.988 m3.995 m
   675 mi125.212 ft130.031 ft 122 mi13.084 ft13.107 ft

I am proud and happy to have completed it successfully without giving up or any major injuries. 

Below are some pictures of the hike. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video. 

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