Day -23 : BBQ – Pasta – Coleslaw : Polperro to Seaton

19.03.2022: Sunny but not as warm as the day before due to strong winds with lots of gusts. I wanted to take some aereal shots of Polperro and Looe but that would have been irresponsible. So, I carried the drone all the way on my back as ballast.

I took a bus from Seaton to Polperro and had to change busses somewhere close to „No Mans Land“. Actually this is an existing village name here in Cornwall. I was quite surprised and amused. I got off the bus in Polperro and lots of other people got of other busses (guided tour buses) and it started to get full. I guess to take some nice pictures or videos in this lovely village it needs to be 1-2 hours earlier and outside the weekend.

As I walked from Polperro to Looe I started to hink about dinner. Suddenly I got the strong need to have a steak on my little foldable BBQ tonight. But later on (when going from Seaton to the campsite in my van) I did not see a butcher or supermarket. Might be all to deep in „No Mans Land“ here. Well, then some nice pasta with just some garlic would do. That was my backup plan for dinner. But what happened? I arrived at the campsite and they had a washing machine. It was not on my plan for today but why procrastinate when it accommodates now.

And somehow pasta changed to a box of Coleslaw salad which was almost due. A can of Strongbow Cider wiped away any other culinary wishes… Do I have to worry to become a vegetarian? Not really and if so I would cope with it. I tried it already, 30 years ago, during my time as a student which I spent in Nottingham. As long as I was lord of my senses it worked out fairly well but once we students got drunken we desperately diverted our way home to visit a „donner kebab“ and got some greasy and hot food. I don’t even think it was any meat inside but the taste was fantastic. Today I got Coleslaw for dinner but tomorrow I will have a healthier dinner.

But I had a nice piece of Christstollen later on for tea (well, together with a mug of coffee). Furthermore I spotted probably the tiniest camper van I ever saw.

Looe was even more crowed with people, especially in East Looe. So I could not really take pictures and videos which could be published to respect privacy.

And again and again loads of pictures of the coastline and the villages. Please click to enlarge if you want. Below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video.  

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