Day -16 : carry on : East Portlemouth to Torcross

12.3.22: Lots of liquid moonshine during the night and even during dawn. The forecast app stated to be dry from 6am. Well, it was still raining by then. Never mind, I had to continue with or without rain. Especially as I had a “day off” the day before. 

But the weather changed into a nice and sunny day! During my hike form East Portlemouth to Torcross and on the way back (I left my bike in Torcross two days before and it was sill there!).

It was a magnificent walk along the coast. Strong currents let waves smashing against the rocks. I was addicted to this play I had to stop every here and there. I was asking myself if this is still Devon. I reminded me a lot of the sections I had walked in Cornwall some years earlier. I have to confess it was really beautiful and I was happy to carry on with video recording and blogging. It takes more time and causes some effort to cut out peoples faces before producing and uploading a video. But the good thing is that I see my complete section again and again and I still can’t get enough! 

Actually my preparation is not to be mentioned. I don’t use the detailed OS maps or any other physical card material. Everything I use are basically two apps: Komoot and UK Maps. Komoot has the advantage to plan the way along the coast and it has (more or less) the SWCP drawn in the map as a route and it can navigate you. The UK Maps is a nice and detailed source for topographic maps and shows roughly the ascends and descents.

If you click on the pictures a bigger version will pop up. Have a look at the bench. It is quite common in Britain to donate a bench for a passed away person. I am not sure but I think the ashes of those two persons have been gone with the wind or the sea.

And looking at the signpost on this one it says what I did so far (Poole 168m) and the long way up to Minehead with 462m.


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