Day -10 : beer : Sidmouth to Seaton

05.03.2022: The weather is beautiful again. Lots of sunshine but the wind is still very cold and has of gusts on the hill tops. I started my day with a ride from Seaton to Sidmouth in my van. I parked close to the seafront and went into the sea, well just half and then I took a shower straight at the beach. The temperature of the water felt definitely colder than the sea! Actually I am not sure but I think I could say „the Atlantic“ already…

I was so happy this morning because the grounds weren’t so muddy and slippery due to a day without rain and lots of wind. I did not even need my walking sticks today. So, nothing was in my mind which really bothered me and suddenly I new what is was. You see it on the sign below.

If I walk trough a little village with a very famous name then of course I have to pay the respect and drink a beer. My beer consumption is certainly much less than my diesel heating in my van. Actually this is my first pint (even a half!) on my SWCP path. I might be a different story during the summer. It would be more like a pub crawl!

While I was walking I met the first persons (at least I remember) that I have met twice now. Our paths crossed yesterday in the Undercliffs. Might see them tomorrow again when I am heading from Exmouth to Sidmouth.

Below you find the daily summary Relive video and the youtube video. Enjoy (and maybe adjust the youtube speed options for comfortable viewing).

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