Day -9 : one gear down : Seaton to Lyme Regis

04.03.22: Weather was fantastic! Originally I intended to park somewhere in Lyme Regis, go by bus to Sidmouth and walk back the complete long strech to Lyme Regis. But after the wonderful Indian meal and the sweet taste of cider I went to bed late and woke up too early. So, I adjusted my plans for the day and went to Seaton straight to the beach (no parking fees this time of the year, compared with Lyme Regis). I had a nice coffee and reorganized the structure of this website according to my ideas which developed during the recent days. After that I started at about 10ish to walk the easy-peasy distance of 12km.

Wrong again. It took me about 4 hours to get to Lyme Regis. I was happy to get intensive use of my two friends – the walking sticks. The ground was „quasig“ (very muddy) over long distances. Lots of roots and fairly slippery. All good, after lots of rain and still in winter, I will not complain. I just realized it was the best decision I made to take the gear one level down! I am not on escape and can afford to take my time for the hike! Fantastic perspective. On the very last step I almost fell on my back. I would have certainly fallen without the walking sticks. And probably my SWCP project would have been stopped at that point. Been to a hospital in Cornwall due to a broken foot some years ago – on the first day of holidays. But all good, journey continues (will carry my sticks always attached to my rucksack.

I went through the Undercliff – a nature reserve with no paths to down to the sea nor an escape path to civilization. Just one direction basically. In the middle of this forrest it was so peaceful and enchanted that I forgot that this is a coast path. I did not even hear any of the waves or surf. Well, the sea is very calm today anyway.

When I strolled through the woods I saw a lot of fallen an cut trees which were processed by chain saws. Blimin hell! If I had difficulties to get here with my somewhat 5kg rucksack how trained and fit must those guys be to carry chain saw and all this material for building steps in the middle of nowhere! A toast to them!

Actually I met to workers later on an had a quick chat with them. I said that those two guys had been the only persons I had seen so far. But five mins later a saw two hikers with XXL rucksacks going towards Seaton. What a sissi I am…

Below my Relive Video Summary and the Timewarp Videos. BTW: You can adjust the speed in your youtube player to make the watching more comfortable for you.

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