Day -8 : two more legs : Lyme Regis to Burton Bradstock

03.03.2022: Should I or should I not? Weather app says constantly raining in this area. I booked a two day bus ticket in advance (15 Pound – a bargain? compared to 12 GBP for one day I would say it was). So, I could not wast 3 Pounds and went to the bus stop at 7:27am already to get to Lyme Regis. And yes, it rained but certainly not constantly and there were also some spells of sunshine – at least somewhere at the horizon.

But what do you think is the meaning of two more legs? Guess what. I met a new friend, right?

Wrong, I got two new friends. What, two new friends, each only with one leg? How can they do the SWCP then?

Well, today I took my pair of walking sticks and that was a really good and wise decision! As it was slippery and muddy all over yesterday and it rained more during the night it would have been like on an ice rink but todays section is meant to be up and down and up and down and up and down. These two sticks really helped me and literally saved my ass a couple of times. Cheers on those walking sticks!

And cheers on my first Strongbow after 130 km distance on the SWCP and more than 150km in total. I wanted to drink a Cobra beer in a restaurant but it did not have the license to serve alcohol. I did not even know that this is still common here. Last time I had been to an Indian restaurant without a license was back in the early nineties when I spent a year at Notting Trent University. However, my friend Graham recommended me this restaurant as the food is very delicious and it is meant to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Dorset (Lal Quilla). So, I had to test it and celebrate that Dorset section has successfully completed!

As I saw a lot of cute little lamb on my way from Lyme Regis to Burton Bradstock the desire came up to have a meal with lamb.

But before I got to the dinner the weather had a real transformation… and I saw the light. That must be a sign, a sign to have better weather the coming days.

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