Day -50 : Frugalism : Lynmouth to Combe Martin

12.04.2022: It was raining until the morning hours and stopped when I started my hike.

Contactless! That is the way to pay in the UK. And paying contactless with a credit card was very common in the UK even before the Covid19 pandemic started. I really like paying with plastic and instantly see the money movements when I look at my CC account. Hence it was fairly easy to make a quick export and see what I spent in the recent 51 days. Obviously petrol for driving the van (and heating which runs on diesel as well) is a major cost block! Here we could take the costs for travel to/from the UK out and we get slightly better figures.

Whatever these numbers will say, I think I can document quite clear that this kind of two-month holiday was frugalism pure – reduce to the minimum and still enjoy every day. What more can you expect? 23 EUR per day for food, fun, activities, warm and cosy accommodation – that is about 700 EUR per month. I should consider to stop working, live on support and enjoy life… okay, reality is a bit different story but still, I am quite happy with these results.

Total £       1.561        1.874 € 
Petrol in UK £          431           517 € 
Daily Food (Eating in Van and during Hike) £          180           216 € 
Pub (Food,Cider,Ale,Coffee) £          147           176 € 
Public Transport (Bus/Train) £          153           183 € 
Campsites £            53             64 € 
Parking £            16             19 € 
River ferries £            16             19 € 
Getting to / from UK
Channel Ferries  £          200           240 € 
(Travel) Petrol for 2000km £          367           440 € 
Total without Travel to/from UK £          995        1.194 € 
Start Date21.02.22
Actual Date12.04.22
Number of Days 51
Amount spent per day £            31             37 € 
Amount (when excluding travel to/from UK) £            20             23 € 

Below are some pictures of the hike. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video. 

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