Day -49 : Take it easy : Combe Martin to Ilfracombe

11.04.2022: no rain, even if my app prognosed some rain this morning. Sunny but gusty.

Well, today I cycled something like 7km and walked about 10km. Compared to my normal weekly activities this would be enormous. Compared to activities carried our the recent weeks this is more like a cheat day. Take it easy, after my body gave me first signs to slow down a little and making plans for the coming days I reduced today’s activities to a minimum. And I feel good do so!

I still did not go surfing. Would have been possible in Lynmouth bay this evening but I tend to stay in the Wetherspoons instead. Last time on a surfboard was last autumn and it always looks so easy and chilled but it is quite a demanding sport. So, might be better to drink another coffee and maybe a cider soon.

Yesterday evening I decided to go with my van to Ilfracombe and this is a really nice little town. I texted James and we met in the local Wetherspoons for dinner and a couple of drinks. Coincidentally there were two German guys staying in the hostel who were doing the SWCP as well. We had a lovely evening together in the pub.

Below are some pictures of the coastline. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video. 

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