Day -36 : G7 : Hell’s Mouth to St. Ives

01.04.2022: It was raining and hailing early in the morning. At least I woke up by that noise. But during the day it was 94,78% sunny with a couple of picturesque clouds. It was still very windy and cold!

I left my van in Hell’s Mouth (there is nothing apart from a cafe and it is close to Godrevy). I had a nice walk with basically everything you could expect on a walk: Cliffs, dunes, streets, bit of forrest, villages, cities, railway, industrial & harbour areas. Did I miss something? Yes, posh areas and hot spots.

I was walking and suddenly about half an hour before I arrived in St. Ives I had to walk through a resort in Carbis Bay. I saw a big sign with „G7“ on it. Yes, I was so lucky to do my cost path adventure today and not about a year ago. Going back a year there would have been no chance for me to go the standard SWCP route without miles of diversion. All the posh G7 politicians and thousands of security persons had been here in Carbis Bay. Well, nothing left of that part of history apart from G7 sign and all the bungalows are named according to the G7 states.

And I had a disappointment when I was waiting at the bus stop. I was waiting for bus service S2 (as shown in my bus app) – but this service only runs in summer or peak season. I almost saw me walking all the 20km back to my van or spending a fortune for a cab. Thanks to an elderly couple I got a lift straight to my van. I did not even hitch hike as they were waiting for a different bus and listend to my conversation with a service person. Thank you Dave and Rita! You saved my evening!!

Below are some pictures of the coastline. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video. 

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