Day -34 : not gone surfing : Pendeen to Porthcurno

30.03.2022: It was cold and kind of foggy this morning. Not really comfortable. Might be that I am spoilt be the recent weeks. Well, it was dry and not the best view but during midday some spells of sunshine arose.

My wake up call was set to 6:30am this morning. I went up and drove straight from Penzance to Sennen Cove. Yesterday I prepared my surfboard, screwed in my fins and leash to be ready. The plan was to be at least once in the Atlantic before April. So, I was in Sennen Cove at 7 am sharp. I was appointed with very nice waves. But they did not show up. And after waiting a while I changed my plan for today. No surfing but enhancing my hike today. After checking bus connections for the afternoon I went with my van further up the north coast and started to walk at 9ish.

It was a history lesson. Loads of mines from ancient times! It was really impressive in that area of around Boscawell. I passed Sennen Cove at about lunch time – at least I unboxed by sandwich, because I felt hungry. It was actually the first time I had a sandwich in my backpack. Yummy cheddar sandwich with mixedpickles spread on top.

Land’s End was boring as ever. Such a tourist business – I have not really liked it all the other years I went to Cornwall. So, just a quick picture of evidence and bit of pressure to catch the bus in Porthcurno. It was a double decker bus again and this time I went upstairs. After an hour it felt a somehow cold. But I sat in the first row and hence was a bit sheltered.

Lots of stones in this area, even the Cornish fences are made of stone in this area…

Below are some pictures of the coastline. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video. 

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