Day -32 : Slowdown : St. Michael‘s Mount to Porthleven

28.03.2022: What shall I say? A bit of raindrops, not really much but I put my raincoat and cover for the backpack on.

To treat my feet I tried to reduce my walking speed. And that was a good decision. My feet did not shout to me „stop walking, we need a rest“ – they were willing to walk! But an hour before I arrived in Porthleven I realized that I would have to wait for an hour in that village (shops were closed by that time) and I wanted to get back in my van.

So I had to increase the walking speed again to catch the bus. An instantly my feet began to moan. First they talked to me, then they shout! I gave them a nice treat (massage and cream) and they were happy again to carry me the next day.

Below are some pictures of the coastline. Please click to enlarge if you want. Also below are my Komoot Tour Details, the Relive Summary Video and a Timewarp Video.  

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