Day -12 : Perfection : Teignmouth to Starcross

07.03.22: Again it was cloudy and later on I had some sunshine. Actually I got some sunshine at 7am already as shown on the picture below as evidence. But it was really chilly! Due to a minor storm it felt much colder than the day before. Thick hat and gloves were recommended. But it started with a nice surprise at the Teignmouth Quay as lots of waves hit the concrete and spilled over and caused lots of spray. I hardly could not move from here as I was fascinated like a small child (but I was not the only adult child taking photos there).

Now that I know the stretch I would leave my hiking boots in the van and would pull out my trainers instead. I think it was 90% asphalt and not really challenging. It was nice going between railway tracks and the Atlantic but last couple of miles to Starcross were a bit boring. And if I would have really needed to take the ferry from there, I would have been quite disappointed. Service starts on April 6th….

Today I thought of perfection. Almost everything in several areas of my life ask for perfection. This leads occasionally to disappointment and dissatisfaction, e.g. in case it is only Pareti (80/20 rule). Instead of being happy to have achieved 80% in 20% of the time I should be have a view on what I have achieved easily and be satisfied. But no, I have to get the 100% solution and get a headache and bad mood if this does not work the way I planned or desired it. And I guess that many people behave in such a (self-destroying) pattern.

Yesterday night my hard disk died. This is in fact a disappointing situation. Especially as I saved a lot of footage I recorded with my action cam and my drone. It is most likely gone now. And this really cause some thought circles this morning. For quite a while! I tried to figure out another perfect solution how to replace this hard drive. Of course I do not have another backup drive with same capacity in my van. Amazon would be able to supply one next day. But where should it be delivered to as I am always on the move! In fact I do have a (much smaller) SSD drive with me which I can use to store the most important pieces and bits. This will help but I need to get from perfection to lean processing and storing on my trip. And again in business culture again! Stop it! Now! I accepted during todays walk that I have to see the broken hard disk as a sign. To reduce everything to the minimum and what is not important could be uploaded in the cloud. We had cloud yesterday, I have to do some homework here. Too much up- and downloading consumes a lot of my mobile data amount. I will certainly look for more locations now where WIFI is included to have a nice coffee and do my uploads. This might work for the next weeks. And Cloudy Cider is also a welcome drink! This tree is some kind of perfect. Might still not be perfect from owners point of view but for me it looks like painted. The sailing boat reminds me a bit of mine it would need some more attention! But it does the job for minimum time spent on maintenance and painting.

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